Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

Organise, and manage training

The RYDA Program is a one day out of school program delivering practical road safety information targeting attitude and awareness of young drivers and their passengers.

Across Australia and New Zealand about 50,000 students a year participate.

Road statistics see about 300 young people between 17 and 25 DIE on Aussie roads each year. 20 times this number are seriously injured. Then consider the flow on affect to the families and friends of these 6,000+ people nationally. This age group represents 13% of our driving population – BUT – they also represent 25% of the crashes. The majority from kids within their first 2 years with a drivers license.

Compared to 10 years ago though, it is nice to see the road toll dropping. Many success stories have been attributed to students participating in this 1 day training program, delivered by their local Rotary Club.

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